Colors indicate pathways associated with distinct cognitive functions, demonstrating a promising new way to examine the feelings and thoughts influencing our behavior. This image from the Human Connectome Project, a federally sponsored program to map the human brain.

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More has been discovered about the brain in the last decade than in all previous history. So when it comes to sales or marketing you now have an inescapable binary choice: Speculate and hope for the best, or use science and gain from those recent advances.* It’s a no-brainer.

Are you disappointed in your marketing and the sales you’d hoped it would deliver?

If so, perhaps science can help

Recent finding coming out of neural labs are revealing the way the brain’s decision making machinery actually works. And that’s great news for startups because less guessing and more certainty always results in better outcomes.

What Our Clients Say About Us

What others have to say about applying neural science to their sales and marketing challenges.

I entered the Founders Space incubator with a prepared investor pitch. But then attended Nathan’s class where I learned about the ‘Science of Why’ – a much better approach because it exposes the core motivators influencing human behavior. Using those insights, we completely transformed the pitch into one that was much more compelling. Well worth attending. In fact, the only party I wouldn’t recommend this class to is my competitors.

Just after one session with Nathan and his team at the Recourse Center for Scientific Marketing, they quickly understood our company’s pain points and provided actionable steps to engage our target audience in a creative way that we had not even thought about before.
Nathan’s expertise in the science behind human motivation revealed itself in the immediate success we experienced.

Yesterday I attended Nathan’s fascinating presentation on what evolutionary psychology has to say about persuasion, at the Runway incubator in San Francisco. Nathan described recent advances in evolutionary psychology and drew insights applicable to marketing and advertising. I particularly appreciated the side-by-side examples of good and bad advertisements of similar products.


In three decades of sales/marketing experience, I noticed more and more fascinating discoveries in neural science on influencing people and applied those findings to improve my results. I started RCSM to share what I found easily applicable.

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